Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

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Pro Sanding Tips for Woodworking

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I’ve finished making the doors for the upper cabinets in my kitchen, and it’s time to sand them. And sanding is as important as the rest of the steps involved when making something from wood, if you want professional looking results.
Since I will be finishing these with clear water based polyurethane, I don’t have to be as careful as I would if these were going to be stained. Stain magnifies scratches and defects that generally don’t show with a clear finish, so extra time need to go into the sanding.

I used my Ultimate sanding block:

Making The Ultimate Sanding Block

And my flat sanding file:

Wood Shaping Files

Along with my random orbit sander with a 220 grit disk to sand and level the faces of the doors.

Notice I’m sanding on something soft that won’t mark the wood. I have an old towel on a piece of foam rubber gym floor mat.
A router can be used to either chamfer or round over the edge, but again can result in tear out or burning. The safest route is to just sand it, starting with coarse grit paper and move up to a finer grit.

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