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Making an Epoxy Resin Pond Table

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Anyone who has looked at woodworking
videos on YouTube in the last score
of years has likely not been able to avoid
the hundreds of examples of “river” tables
— two interesting pieces of lumber
joined in the middle by a river of epoxy
resin to make a tabletop. While
this lumber was not great for a river
table, its unique configuration did lend
itself perfectly to becoming a “pond”

Resins come in different formulas. I
wanted a version that would allow me to
pour thick layers, so I used MAS Deep
Pour Epoxy (rockler.com, item 67112)
consisting of three parts resin to one
part catalyst. Two aspects of this product
are its relatively thin consistency
and its long cure time. Those combine
to make a deeper pour more successful
by allowing air bubbles the time and
ability to escape.

I’ve been very interested in trying a
unique looking set of metal legs called a
Straw Bundle “Light” Table Base (item
#66460, rockler.com). Made of steel tubes cut and welded at dramatic
angles, they struck my fancy.

Shop for MAS Epoxy: https://www.rockler.com/mas-deep-pour-epoxy

Shop for the Metal Table Base:

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